Travel advisory


Travel advisory

General information:

• Braslaŭ district borders on Pastavy, Šarkaŭščyna, Miory districts, and Latvia in the north and Lithuania in the west.

• Population: Braslaŭ – 9,400 people (as of 01.01.2020)

• Braslaŭ district – 24,600 people (as of 01.01.2020)

Useful contact numbers:

• Tourism information centre +375 2153 67035

• The tourism department of the “Braslavskie Ozyora” (Braslaŭ lakes) National Park (reservation of camping sites, fishing-related matters) + 375 2153 67707

• Braslaŭ station information desk + 375 2153 62272

Souvenirs can be purchased in the shop “Orstrov Podarkov” (“Vitalich” shopping centre, 6 Sadovaya str) or in the souvenir shop “Lia Vozera” of the traditional culture museum (7A Gagarina str).

Where to buy fish? One can buy fresh frozen fish in the shop of the “Braslavskie Ozyora” National Park (Dachnaya str), fresh fish at “Dryviaty” recreation centre (15 A Rybkhoznaya str), and smoked fish in “Vitalich” shopping centre (6 Sadovaya str).

Fishing at Braslaŭ lakes. Almost all lakes located in the territory of the district belong to the National Park, which is why a fee is charged for fishing. One can buy a fishing permit in the information centre located at the entrance to Braslaŭ on the road from Viciebsk and Hlуbokаje or in the administrative building of the National Park at 2A Dachnaya str.

What should one taste when in Braslaŭ?

• bread and buns made by the local baker Vladimir (sold near “Vitalich” shopping centre)

• vegetables grown by the farmer Vladislav Korol (sold near “Vitalich” shopping centre)

• cheese made at the homestead “Krapachy” (Petkuny village, Slabodka rural council)

• infusions and stewed wild game meat sold at the “Braslavskie Ozyora” National Park (the shop “Khatnija Prysmaki”, 15A Rybkhoznaya str).

What activities are there for children?

• excursions in Braslaŭ and Braslaŭ district

• bicycle trips (bicycles and bicycle seats for children can be rented at the Physical Culture and Sports Club “Drivyatych”,

• yachting or river-boating

• visiting the adventure park (municipal park, 15 Rybkhoznaya str)

• visiting the safari park (Kriuki village)

• excursions to the museum of Brasik the cat (Dańki village), and the bookmarks museum (Zaračje village)

• master-classes at the museum of traditional crafts (manufacturing clay toys, weaving sashes and bookmarks from threads, etc.)

• hiking along the eco-trail in Braslaŭ (15A Rybkhoznaya str)

• tasting donuts and berry tea at “Pyshechnaya 8” (Donut house 8) (1 Krasnoarmeyskaya str)

Where to swim?

In summer, almost all lakes of the district are open for swimming, so always bring bathing suits and towels. There are 3 beaches located within the city limits:

• - the municipal beach (lake Dryviaty). A sandy beach, dressing rooms, a rental centre, a café, a sports ground, a children's playground, a parking lot, a food-truck

• - the beach at lake Biarežje. Dressing rooms, a children’s playground

• - the beach near the recreation centre (lake Dryviaty. Dressing rooms

One can also swim in lake Strusta (Husaraŭščyna village) 5 km away from the city.

Important information!

• Braslaŭ district belongs to the territory of the National Park, which is why camping and making fire are only allowed at dedicated sites (camping sites).

• Braslaŭ district borders on Lithuania and Latvia, which is why one is required to receive a permit at the Border committee or at the border commandant's office in order to visit certain settlements.