The Braslaŭ lakes

Braslaŭ district is one of the most beautiful areas of Belarus with around 300 lakes and more than 20 rivers with tributaries. Fishing and swimming is possible almost everywhere (fishing at many lakes requires a permit). Along the lakes, there are farmsteads, recreation centers, and camping sites. Below is some information about the most popular lakes.

Lake Drуviaty makes you fall in love with Braslaŭ at first sight. This place gives the city the atmosphere of a resort and the land of lakes. It is the largest lake of the Braslaŭ lakes and the fifth largest one in Belarus. One can travel around the Drуviaty on a bicycle (the route is around 36 km long). On the shore of the lake, within the city limits, there is a beach, a sailing school, and a cafe. Nearby there is a parking lot, a skate park and an adventure park.

Lake Strusta is 4 km from Braslaŭ. Its peculiarity is that it has seven islands, the largest of them being Čajčin, Šova, Jelnia. Čajčin is the second largest island in Belarus and the only island lakelet in Belarus is located here. Lake Strusta is home to 22 species of fish.

Lakes Volasa Paŭnočny and Volasa Paŭdnievy are unique not only for Belarus but also for Europe. The maximum depth of the Volasa Paŭdnievy is 40.4 m, and the maximum depth of the Volasa Paŭnočny is 29.2 m. These are some of the cleanest lakes in Belarus (water transparency is 7-11 meters). The Volasa Paŭdnievy is the only lake in Belarus where glacial relict species of crustaceans have been preserved. Amateur fishing is allowed (on a fee basis).

Lake Niespiš with its 15 islands is considered one of the most beautiful lakes. It is located in the village of Rubež, its the maximum depth reaches 6.3 m.

The top ten lakes of Belarus include lake Snudy: it is number 9 in terms of area, number 5 in terms of volume, and number 4 in terms of water purity. The maximum depth reaches 16.5 m. Depending on water level, the lake can have more than 20 islands (the largest ones are Turmas, Lipavec, and Krasnagorka). More than 50 species of birds nest on the islands.

Lake Drisviaty is located on the border of Belarus and Lithuania, but only 22% of its territory belong to our country. The maximum depth is 33.3 m, and transparency reaches 4 m. For a long time, water from this reservoir was used by the Ignalina NPP for cooling. The lake is home to bream, pike, roach, walleye, ide, tench, etc. Since this is a border area, the possibility of visiting it is limited, but you can get a special permit from the border services.

In Braslaŭ district, in the vicinity of the village of Slabodka, there is a lake with the unusual name Božje Voka, which is one of the smallest of the Braslaŭ lakes. It has a round shape and resembles an eye, with the diameter of no more than 100 m. The water is pure and reflects the forest and the sky. A visit to the lake is included in a number of excursions.

Lake Ryčy is one of the deep-water reservoirs of Belarus and is number 2 in terms of depth and number 4 in terms of volume of water. The maximum depth reaches 51.9 m. The water here is characterized by great purity and transparency. The State Environmental Institution "Braslaŭ - Ryčy" (camping, snorkeling, traсking wild animals, etc.) is located here. The lake and the wildlife reserve are located in the border area, therefore in order to visit the ecological routes, one needs to receive a permit from the Border Committee or the Opsa Border Command Post.